About Us


Thoughtful Portfolio Design

The portfolios we construct at Raintree Wealth Management are intended to represent the foundation of our clients’ wealth. With that in mind, our first priority is always the preservation of capital. Our process examines multiple sources of risk that may impact your portfolio. We incorporate progressive strategies with the goal of providing smooth returns and a safeguard against large losses. Most importantly, the time we spend learning about your unique preferences and circumstances ensures that our portfolio recommendations match your level of comfort.


Disciplined, Long-term Thinking

We know that having the patience to remain committed to a long-term financial portfolio can be tough. The amount of information that you are bombarded with daily can cloud your thoughts, feelings and decisions. The worst part is that most of this information has little value and results in short-term thinking. Raintree Wealth Management takes a long-term perspective. We focus on the information that matters while ignoring what doesn’t. The result is an ability to face portfolio construction and difficult investing decisions with logic rather than emotion.

Founded in 2017, Raintree Capital Inc. is the parent company of Raintree Wealth Management, Raintree Financial Solutions, Raintree Corporate Finance and Raintree Insurance Services. Raintree Financial Solutions was established in 2010 by a dedicated group of partners to provide private investment opportunities to Canadians. To date, Raintree Financial Solutions has placed over $750,000,000* into alternative investments and has referred over $450,000,000 to Portfolio Managers through its network of Private Wealth Advisors. In an effort to provide a more holistic investing experience to clients, Raintree Wealth Management was built to manage traditional, publicly-traded portfolios.

Raintree Wealth Management provides the next level of service to clients by building on the values, foundations and principles established by Raintree Financial Solutions. Designed for clients with a minimum of $100,000 of investable assets, Raintree Wealth Management offers clients what we believe is the highest standard of investment management.

*Assets placed as of May, 2020

No, Raintree Wealth Management does not hold client assets. All client assets are held with a third party custodian, National Bank Independent Network (“NBIN”).
Raintree Wealth Management is currently registered in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
We charge an Investment Management Fee for the service we provide. We do not collect commissions. Investment Management Fees vary by amount invested. Please contact us for further information.
Portfolio Management is the sole focus of Raintree Wealth Management. However, a wide variety of investment and insurance solutions are available through Raintree Financial Solutions and its business partners.