Teeing Up Support for Ethan Wilson

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Ethan Wilson
We are thrilled to share that Raintree Wealth Management has stepped onto the fairways to sponsor the promising golf career of 19-year-old Ethan Wilson; a Freshman Golfer at the University of Illinois and a member of the Canadian Junior National Golf Team.

Meet Ethan Wilson

Since growing up in St. Albert, Alberta, Ethan has been immersed in the world of sports, initially gravitating towards hockey before discovering his true passion for golf.

As a proud member of the Glendale Golf and Country Club in Edmonton, Ethan has honed his skills on the lush greens and fairways of this prestigious establishment. His journey in golf has been nothing short of remarkable, as he transitioned from a multi-sport background to dedicating himself wholeheartedly to the game he loves.

Ethan’s commitment and talent have not gone unnoticed, leading to his inclusion in the Canadian Junior National Golf Team. This achievement reflects his exceptional skill and dedication to the sport, as he proudly represents his country on the international golfing stage.

Currently embarking on his academic journey, Ethan is a Freshman Golfer at the University of Illinois. Balancing the rigours of collegiate life with his athletic pursuits, Ethan is making a mark both on and off the golf course. His time at the University of Illinois serves as a crucial stepping stone in his quest for a successful collegiate golf career.

Looking ahead, Ethan aspires to carve his name in the annals of professional golf. With a steadfast determination and a love for the game that fuels his ambition, Ethan is poised to make waves in the golfing world, turning his dreams of professional success into a reality.

Ethan Wilson Golf Accomplishments

Ethan’s Golf Accomplishments Thus Far

Ethan Wilson’s golf journey is punctuated with a series of impressive accomplishments, underscoring his prowess on the course. 

Notably, he secured the title of Champion at the Alberta Men’s Amateur Championship in 2023, showcasing his skill and dominance in the provincial arena. In the global sphere, Ethan’s talents shone brightly as he clinched a remarkable fifth-place finish at the Toyota Junior World Cup in 2023 and was an integral part of the victorious Team Canada in 2022, contributing to their success with an eighth-place individual ranking. His consistent excellence extends back to 2021, marked by a notable eighth-place finish at the Alberta Open and a triumph at the Edmonton Junior Championship, further solidifying his status as a rising star in Canadian golf. 

Recently, at the ‘Agave Amateur Championship’ in Indio, California, Ethan once again demonstrated his mettle, securing a commendable 17th place out of 112 participants with impressive scores of 68-68-75, finishing the tournament at an impressive (-2). 

These accomplishments collectively underscore Ethan Wilson’s remarkable skill, determination, and promising future in the world of golf.

Ethan Wilson Sponsorship

Raintree Wealth Management’s Sponsorship

Raintree Wealth Management is delighted to be sponsoring Ethan Wilson, whose exceptional talent and dedication have captured our admiration. As an organization committed to fostering excellence, we are proud to support Ethan as he navigates both his athletic and academic endeavors. His impressive track record underscores his potential to make a lasting impact in the world of golf. 

We will be sharing periodic updates as we follow Ethan’s golf journey. 

Raintree Wealth Management looks forward to standing alongside Ethan as he continues to pursue greatness, both in the realm of sports and academia, and we eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of his promising career.


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